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The term ‘Ishajaya’ derives from the Malay words “isyarat” and “jaya”, which together loosely translates to “successful vision”. Ishajaya Technology Sdn Bhd was established in 2008 in Brunei Darussalam as a 100% local Bruneian company. Ishajaya Technology Sdn Bhd, also known as ISJ provides a wide range of solutions and services from the provision of consultancy services to system implementation and the maintenance and support for system applications and IT infrastructures.

ISJ's success is largely driven by the vision and mission of its group of management team who has an average from 10 years to 15 years of experience in IT infrastructure implementations, systems implementation and maintenance management for the Government of Brunei and private organizations. ISJ has grown rapidly over the last 10 years of operations and has created jobs for more than 100 employees. We've served over 150 clients from both the private and public sector in at least 100 implementations. We take a strong partnership approach in working with our clients to help them realize their business objectives. Through joint efforts, we help our clients to undertake the change journey with confidence of attaining increased productivity, quality service and returns on investment.


Our Journey

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Company Culture

For any company to survive and thrive, a high level of trust is needed. We have three trust relationships that we foster:

(1) Trust within our own company – Our investment and priority in nurturing our talented professionals has ensured their loyalty and commitment to work their hardest for all our clients.

(2) Trust with our technology partners – Our clients can be assured of getting the best technologies to suit your needs. We have excellent relationships with all our suppliers and there is a level of unmatched professionalism.

(3) The relationship with our clients – Our track record is evidence enough of the quality and reliability of the products and services we provide.


Elvin Hii, Chief Executive Officer Speech

When Ishajaya started in August 2009, he could not have envisaged the scale in which the company would have progressed in just 3 years.

We started with a tiny 3 person team, and today we have grown to a staff of 103 strong.

Ishajaya’s slogan from day one has not changed, “World Technology at our Fingertips.” What has changed though is the trajectory of the company’s direction. Instead of bringing the World’s I.T. Solutions to Brunei, we are now looking to bring Brunei’s expertise to the World.

The three main goals which we will focus on over the next 2 years are as follows:

1) Go International

2) Develop our own I.T. products

3) Take a leap into the Oil & Gas industry

We have laid out a road map for achieving the above by investing heavily in human resource; by establishing partnerships with both local and international private enterprises and government agencies; and also by actively looking for investment opportunities that protect the long term sustainability of Ishajaya’s income.

In planning ahead, it’s always wise to look back at some of the key reasons which have contributed to our current success.

He firmly believes that one of the key reasons for Ishajaya’s achievement today, is our investment in people. Proud to announce that, we have close to 70% local Bruneians on our staff, with one of the lowest turnover rates across any industry.

This can be attributed to our commitment in firstly, hiring people with the right attitude and secondly, those with the right skill sets. Over the years our strategy has proven, to work well as we have been invested time and money in training. We have a program in place to send our staff to places like Singapore, Malaysia and even Australia for the best training, because we do not believe in representing any product that we cannot master. In return, we not only secure a work force that is highly loyal but one that is also high standard.

In Ishajaya, the ways we operate are as follows:

First and foremost, as one of our team members you are expected to be a LEADER and not a follower. The company is structured to be flat by default, with easy access to each of the team leaders in the 7 departments, including himself. This has proven to be effective in cultivating a great sense of OWNERSHIP amongst individuals. Having a mutual TRUST and RESPECT for one another are values that rooted in our company culture and so too is the responsibility of team leaders to delegate tasks thereby EMPOWERING employees to make decisions.

In 2011, our collective projects amounted to BND50 million within four years, a sizable milestone by any measure for any SME. This is an achievement which is share by each one of our staff members, simply because we have built a reputation for delivering on each of our promises, one client at a time.

In closing, he must add that it has certainly been a great privilege to be your leader; to be involved in providing stewardship for the growth of this incredible and fast paced journey. While we take time to ponder and reflect on milestones, it is by no means a time to rest on laurels.

The journey to put Ishajaya on the map has only just begun. I take this opportunity to invite you to join us in the next chapter with integrity, innovation and great passion! Keep Exploring!


Elvin Hii Hau Chun

Elvin Hii, Our Chief Executive Officer has over 18 years of sales and management career in Brunei, Elvin has established a track record of consistently delivering results and generating business growth.

He was graduated in Bachelor Degree of E-Commerce and Management Information System, Deakin University 2000, Melbourne, Australia. Elvin's expertise spans includes enterprise sales management, business planning and marketing resulting in enduring business growth level relationships with the Government of Brunei Darussalam. He has delivered many national flagship projects for the Government of Brunei Darussalam, such as Nationwide Email Communications System, Nationwide Healthcare Management and Information System, e-Government National Data Centre, National Disaster Recovery Data Centre, National Financial Intelligent System, and many more. Elvin had also established a great strength in IT services industry with local presence. Thus, he has made Ishajaya Technology Sdn Bhd as one of the largest IT Company in the Brunei Darussalam in a short timeframe of three (3) years.

Elvin is keen to take up a business expansion outside of Brunei in the areas of Information Technology and Communication Services borderless. With his understanding of local business he aims to consolidate and surpass his achievements to date to the international markets. Hence, Elvin always aim with a vision to internationalize Ishajaya Technology Sdn Bhd.

Specialties: program management, enterprise software, ERP, customer recruitment and coaching, sales management, channel management, segments, pricing and negotiations, sales


Eric Tong Hock Hoi

Eric Tong Hock Hoi along with Elvin Hii, founded Ishajaya Technology in 2008 and serves as Chief Technical Officer and Director in the company. He has over 18 years’ experience in software development, requirements definition, implementation, data migration and delivery of IT system.

He was educated in Australia and graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Information System from Murdoch University in 2000. Throughout his years in IT, he involve exclusive technical responsibilities such as IT solutions delivery and IT security, for all technical installations and integration of all IT projects are fulfilled and delivered, and also play a major role in creating a technology vision for a company. Area focus on all technical aspects of projects; Development of an Islamic digital library system for Mufti Department and in 2004, he took part in one of the first Data Center project built in Brunei Darussalam which is Prime Minister Office named PMONet. He was also the technical project manager for Ministry of Finance Data Center project Phase 1 and Phase 2, which isEnterprise a Data Center was built to serve all other Ministry departments in Brunei Darussalam. At the following year, he took charged as technical project manager in managing E-Government National Data Center, which later called as e-Government Data Centre, largest Data Centre in Brunei Darussalam to provide common government-wide application and services, secure infrastructure among Ministries and Disaster Recovery Centers.


Yong Lee Ming

Yong Lee Ming, our Chief Operation Officer and proposed Project Director has more than 12 years of experience in implementing e-Government projects and ERP systems. She is also certified Prosci change manager who has been managing the people aspects of change in new system implementations. She has worked with Accenture for 9 years and has been involved in numerous strategic implementations. She is currently responsible for overseeing the Business Development sales operations, strategic government projects as well as developing new market opportunities and business strategies to help accelerate the growth of Ishajaya. She has more than 10 years of IT experiences and was one of the pioneers of Brunei’s 1st and largest e-Government project. Yong Lee Ming graduated from the University of Western Australia in Economics.

Our Mission & Vision


Committed to our vision and mission, we’ve established partnerships and developed extensive relationships with the world’s leading services and solution providers in order to provide our client access to a full spectrum of multi-vendor enterprise solutions and expertise. Our strategic partners and business alliances strengthens our ability to deliver value to our clients by providing us with insights into emerging technologies and best practices. In order to provide our clients with an end-to-end solution, we’ve placed strong emphasis in training and certifying our support team on the products we represent so that our clients enjoy local support that is quick to respond to their needs and also cost-effective.


"To be the IT Service Provider of Choice"


"To Drive Client Loyalty and Profitable Growth through Service Delivery Excellence"


"Dedication to every client’s success. Committing local expertise for efficient service support and trust and personal responsibility in all relationships"

Our Organization Structure

Our Organization Structure - English BLK


Our Divisions

Our management team is highly motivated and manages ISJ's day-to-day activities. They not only establish and support long-term client relationships, but also focus on mentoring our employees at all levels to develop the next generation of company leadership. In addition to that, our management team has pledged to continue to expand our business capabilities and to extend our footprint into regional and international markets. ISJ has recently restructured our organization structure in response to our growing resources and portfolios. We've setup two new divisions, namely:

Research and Development

Conceptualizing and developing new marketable products, with an emphasis on innovating new capabilities on the products we've implemented for our clients and intellectual property development.

New Market Development

Expand our income sources to other industry groups, e.g. Telecommunications, Healthcare and Oil and Gas and securing business opportunities in international markets in China, Dubai and Philippines.


Ishajaya has qualified for 2 distinguished statuses required to participate in ICT tenders/projects released by the Government of Brunei Darussalam (an initiative by the Authority and Info-Communications Technology of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) to support competent ICT companies):

• AITI Accredited Business (AAB) Status

• ICT Accredited Business (ICTAB) Status, Class 5 since February 2012



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